Electric Cash Drawers

Refers to Cash Drawers that connect to a Receipt printer or  EPOS system. Standard voltage is 24V or 12V and ICD can fit any interface cable required. We also offer Serial and USB interfaced cash drawers.

Manual Cash Drawers

Are standalone (Non-electric) cash drawers that work on a push latch mechanism.

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About International Cash Drawer

International Cash Drawer Ltd. (ICD) is the European division of MS Cash Drawer Ltd. ICD is the master European distributor of the M-S range of cash drawers from Japan. The manufacturer’s name is Matsushiro Kinzoku Seisakusho. They are one of the world’s leading firms dedicated solely to cash drawers. Since 1946, millions of Matsushiro’s cash drawers have distinguished themselves for quality, durability, and value for money. ICD has a close relationship with the factory and can arrange unique colours, features, or even entirely new models.

ICD is an Irish limited company, established in 1994 in Shannon , County Clare, Ireland. Current staff totals 10 persons, and annual turnover is about €3,000,000. ICD specialises in distribution of cash drawers for Point of Sale applications. Customers are located in almost every European country, the Middle East and Africa.