Optional Peripherals:

• MSR: Encryption Available
• Fingerprint Reader Steel Coat
• Customer display:
• LCM 2×20, 11.6″ and 15.6”
• Wireless LAN: 802.11 b/g/n/ac
• Slim Printer Base
• Pin Pad Mount Bracket
• i-Button

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Pulse Ultra Wide Screen All-In-One

Touch Dynamic’s newest all-in-one system, the Pulse Ultra WS, offers the same reliability of the Pulse Ultra, but now in a 15.6” wide screen with space saving design and ultra-low power consumption Elkhart Lake and Whiskey Lake Processors. This unit is compatible with Windows 11 and offers OS support for Windows 10 IOT, Windows 10 Pro, Windows 11 Pro, and Linux.


• Intel® Elkhart Lake J6412 2.0Ghz
• Intel® Whiskey Lake Celeron 4305U 2.0Ghz
• Intel® Intel® Whiskey Lake i3-8145U 2.2Ghz


• 128GB NVMe Standard
• Optional up to 1TB


• 4GB DDR4 LV standard
• Optional 32GB RAM